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Texts from Sierra Leone

3 Jan

I went to Sierra Leone, West Africa for the first time in 2007. I’ve been receiving news from friends I’ve kept in contact with about the current crisis of Ebola. David shares from his perspective about the hardships it’s causing the nation, his passion for evangelism, his family’s needs, and how to pray.  I am sharing (with permission) so that we can remember our brothers and sisters in prayer…as if it were our own family.

Texts from David, Bo, Sierra Leone:

8/15/2014: Amber, we are saved by d grace of GOD from this menace, but things are hard, d prices of food is high; schs are closed, we don’t shake hands or touch either, DAVID

It has some how affected friends in east, but we hearing that Bo will be quarantine soon which as worried me cause no money to buy food 4 family n friends. PRAY 4 GOD TO PROTECT US N LET VACCINE B SENT CAUSE PEOPLE ARE DYING

8/16/2014: I hope you prayed 4 me n family 4 GOD TO OPEN DOORS 4 his children n protect them from this deadly virus, EBOLA

A week ago we visited d hospital to preach to patients we are advised not to touch.  Thank God they accepted Jesus

8/21/2014: HELLO, i would like u to know that we are going by d grace of GOD, d disease is just spreading N things are tough, pray 4 provision n protection 4 me n family. David, Bo

9/1/2014: Hi Amber, to let you know that I’m alive with my pregnant wife. Bo has 50 ebola patients, pray 4 us. David, Bo

10/20/2014: hello, I’ve been engaged a lot with programs in d church, we living just by d grace of GOD, things are hard in S/L. David, Bo

12/18/2014: OH AMBER! we are going to celebrate christmas this year quietly, besides govt said we must be indoors which will be hard 4 us when there’s nothing virtually in d home to eat with family. David, Bo

12/20/2014: Hi Amber!  On behalf of my family, we wish you a merry CHRISTMAS and prosperous NEW YEAR 2015. David, Bo

As I send this text shops n market places has been closed by order until monday before shops open again to d public so this means money, money!

12/21/2014: d GOVT want to get rid of disease EBOLA that’s why they didn’t want people to clutter together. Pray that GOD drives this disease from our country. ALSO pray 4 d salvation of lost souls, pray that people change their attitude by avoiding d washing of dead EBOLA victims, this act has killed many people.

EBOLA has caused too much of ORPHANS in our nation, pray 4 NGO’s interested in orphans will come to their aid.

12/29/2014: HELLO!  Amber how is working with d orphans?  Pl pray 4 provision 4 EBOLA patient and 4 my family. Things are hard, GOD BLESS! David, Bo

12/31/2014 (after telling him about Reinhard Bonnke speaking at IHOPKC’s Onething conference): This servant of God is the man God used 4 me to come to know JESUS as my SAVIOUR!

Amber, you people in AMERICA need some of us who loved evangelism and missions to come to USA, I go to villages to evangelize

1/1/2015: Hi, how do u spend ur NEW YEARS? But we spent ours low key due to harships in d land, we woke up w no food in home, it’s worrisome. David, Bo


Hope for Trafficked Children: Brazil 2014

18 Feb

There’s over 500,000 children currently being trafficked in Brazil and it’s expected to double during the World Cup.  Each one of these exploited minors are sons and daughters, children stripped of their innocence and used to fulfill the fantasies of men.

The time is perfect to respond.

1. Gather the Praying Church.
2. Pray for Malachi 4:5-6, that God would “turn hearts of fathers to children and children to fathers.”
3. The Praying Church takes in the fatherless and exploited.

Through prayer, love and a long-term practical response to meet these children’s needs (by putting them in a family), we can introduce sons and daughters to their Father, the King.  From mid-June to mid-July this is what we’re doing, as night and day prayer is set up in the 12 host cities’ Red Light Districts for the 31 days spanning the World Cup.  While all eyes are on Brazil, our goal is that Jesus would be seen as beautiful in Brazil!

Please join us in praying as we prepare to launch.  And if you’d like to donate, please remember that every dollar is significant.  Let’s spread the love of Jesus to the darkest places during the darkest times and bring hope for trafficked children in Brazil!

With much anticipation, love, and many thanks,
Amber : ))

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If We’re the Friends of God…

2 Apr

Move my heart.  They’re all your children, Father.

“I wanted something to live and die for. I wanted something to breathe and to bleed for.  I’m not interested in trying to figure out ways to make my life safe and preserve my comfort.”  Derek Loux

Unexpected Places

10 Dec

We were prayer walking a part of the Red Light District in Thailand called Boys Town when it hit me.  Rarely had I felt the presence of the Lord this strong.  My senses immediately perked and I prayed, “What do you want me to do, Lord? Who do you want me to talk to?”  No response.

I waited and looked around. Lining the streets were very young boys, boys dressed like girls, old men sitting with that night’s young purchase, lewdness and vile sexual exploitation.  All of a sudden I understood.

“My heart is here, Amber.”

A new scene played through my mind.  I pictured Pure Love walking the street, familiar with the cry of these eyes. Realizing this wasn’t my imagination, hope for the ending of human trafficking became alive.  The King of the earth is the King of justice. Jesus–who showed up healing on the Sabbath, touching lepers, holding kids, teaching the poor and making peace with harlots–has never left us.

Who is this King?

I don’t fully know, but I do know where to find Him. He’s not with the Pharisees. He’s with the outcasts. So when we pray, “we want to be with You where You are,” we can confidently look to unexpected places to find He’s already there. It looks like the inner cities, the fatherless, precious ones with special needs, the poor and the broken.  His glory is all around us.

...He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted....

…He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted…. proclaim freedom for the captives...

…to proclaim freedom for the captives…

...and release from darkness for the prisoners (Isaiah 61).

…and release from darkness for the prisoners (Isaiah 61).

Pictures :))

26 Jun

Pictures paint a thousand words…plus they’re more interesting. Click on a picture and scroll through my world!

Florida and Me

29 Mar

I swam and stared at the ocean.

I clapped with the others on the beach after the sunset.

I read books outside and walked the dog barefoot.

I overdid the tanning oil, but got my base tan for the season.

I ate seafood and swayed with the man playing the steel drum and made jokes about coleslaw with my mom and dad and grandma.

I drank Starbucks instead of home-brewed coffee.

And somehow it was all just what I needed.


Lord let the palm trees, rolling waves and sun rays seep past my skin and settle into my heart as peace that comes with me everywhere!

Last Thursday

19 Dec

They didn’t know the story.

The kids who live at the local children’s home don’t have families. They sleep every night in the facility and are tucked in by their parent: the state.

They’re our kids just a mile down the road. On Thursdays we visit their dorms to sing, dance, play and tell stories. After the riveting singing of “Jesus Loves Me” I begin to tell the story of Christmas with an invitation for their help. One problem. As I throw out the familiar characters and events I realize this story is new to them.

What’s Jesus’ mommy’s name? They answer “Noma” which confirms to me they’re indeed hearing for the first time.

So this changes everything. I remember the story with fresh eyes and begin to tell it like it’s real. I know it until I teach it to an orphaned audience just now being introduced to Jesus. Then it finally makes sense why He’s born poor, why as a baby, why to serve.

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At the end we give them His name Immanuel, God’s with you. Right here, at this facility, when you go to sleep, when you wake up, when the staff changes shifts. Immanuel, God’s with us forever.