Texts from Sierra Leone

3 Jan

I went to Sierra Leone, West Africa for the first time in 2007. I’ve been receiving news from friends I’ve kept in contact with about the current crisis of Ebola. David shares from his perspective about the hardships it’s causing the nation, his passion for evangelism, his family’s needs, and how to pray.  I am sharing (with permission) so that we can remember our brothers and sisters in prayer…as if it were our own family.

Texts from David, Bo, Sierra Leone:

8/15/2014: Amber, we are saved by d grace of GOD from this menace, but things are hard, d prices of food is high; schs are closed, we don’t shake hands or touch either, DAVID

It has some how affected friends in east, but we hearing that Bo will be quarantine soon which as worried me cause no money to buy food 4 family n friends. PRAY 4 GOD TO PROTECT US N LET VACCINE B SENT CAUSE PEOPLE ARE DYING

8/16/2014: I hope you prayed 4 me n family 4 GOD TO OPEN DOORS 4 his children n protect them from this deadly virus, EBOLA

A week ago we visited d hospital to preach to patients we are advised not to touch.  Thank God they accepted Jesus

8/21/2014: HELLO, i would like u to know that we are going by d grace of GOD, d disease is just spreading N things are tough, pray 4 provision n protection 4 me n family. David, Bo

9/1/2014: Hi Amber, to let you know that I’m alive with my pregnant wife. Bo has 50 ebola patients, pray 4 us. David, Bo

10/20/2014: hello, I’ve been engaged a lot with programs in d church, we living just by d grace of GOD, things are hard in S/L. David, Bo

12/18/2014: OH AMBER! we are going to celebrate christmas this year quietly, besides govt said we must be indoors which will be hard 4 us when there’s nothing virtually in d home to eat with family. David, Bo

12/20/2014: Hi Amber!  On behalf of my family, we wish you a merry CHRISTMAS and prosperous NEW YEAR 2015. David, Bo

As I send this text shops n market places has been closed by order until monday before shops open again to d public so this means money, money!

12/21/2014: d GOVT want to get rid of disease EBOLA that’s why they didn’t want people to clutter together. Pray that GOD drives this disease from our country. ALSO pray 4 d salvation of lost souls, pray that people change their attitude by avoiding d washing of dead EBOLA victims, this act has killed many people.

EBOLA has caused too much of ORPHANS in our nation, pray 4 NGO’s interested in orphans will come to their aid.

12/29/2014: HELLO!  Amber how is working with d orphans?  Pl pray 4 provision 4 EBOLA patient and 4 my family. Things are hard, GOD BLESS! David, Bo

12/31/2014 (after telling him about Reinhard Bonnke speaking at IHOPKC’s Onething conference): This servant of God is the man God used 4 me to come to know JESUS as my SAVIOUR!

Amber, you people in AMERICA need some of us who loved evangelism and missions to come to USA, I go to villages to evangelize

1/1/2015: Hi, how do u spend ur NEW YEARS? But we spent ours low key due to harships in d land, we woke up w no food in home, it’s worrisome. David, Bo


6 Responses to “Texts from Sierra Leone”

  1. sue belford January 3, 2015 at 8:37 pm #

    What can we do?

    • amberhelms January 3, 2015 at 8:43 pm #

      PRAY…because, first off, the disease really needs to stop spreading. Corruption and misuse of funds and education has caused Sierra Leone to be (from what I’ve heard) behind the other nations in stopping the disease. Where its beginning to settle elsewhere, there is still a long battle SL needs to fight. I’m praying about what to do from there, and will let you know when I get some answers. It’s very sobering and there’s a few of avenues we could go…

  2. Allison Czyzyk January 3, 2015 at 10:03 pm #

    Dear Jesus,

    Please lead us in these times of trouble to help our brothers and sisters in Christ. First off, Abba, I pray that you will protect the precious people of Sierra Leone and our brothers and sisters being beheaded and threatened,from the evil one. You are the LIGHT, the only light for us. I ask for miraculous provision of food and fresh clean water. I pray that you would pour out your Spirit with signs and wonders following. I ask that You give Yourself, our Hope, to the hopeless. I am humbled by David and Bo. Jesus, YOU are our provision. YOU are healing, more powerful than any medicine. I will not forget that You are faithful, and that these people are Your body. Jesus, I ask You to take my heart into Your hands and let me feel the love and compassion and power that you are directing to your suffering servants. I ask that you raise up many intercessors and that each one of them prays as though it is for their own family, their own mother, their own father, their own pregnant wife and children. You are welcome in our lives, every part of us. I am crying out to You. Grant us wisdom and revelation of You. All life is in You.
    I am asking for miracles in Sierra Leone and the dangerous Arab countries. Bring many into Your kingdom, and let Your power and majesty reign in Sierra Leone and this whole world. Strengthen my brothers and sisters and guide us here with wisdom to know how to help. Praise to Your Holy Name forever! Your mercy and grace endure forever. Praise to Yahweh our SALVATION. In Jesus precious name.
    Amen! AMEN!

  3. Donna Barrett January 3, 2015 at 10:40 pm #

    Precious. We will pray. Is Bo the city he lives in or his wife’s name or what? I loved watching some of ONE THING. Powerful!

    Donna Barrett, Pastor


    4100 Rockside Road

    Independence, OH 44131

    (216) 650-6780




    • amberhelms January 4, 2015 at 5:36 am #

      Bo, Sierra Leone….a city. Glad you got to join online for some of the conference! It was such an amazing time!

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