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Last Thursday

19 Dec

They didn’t know the story.

The kids who live at the local children’s home don’t have families. They sleep every night in the facility and are tucked in by their parent: the state.

They’re our kids just a mile down the road. On Thursdays we visit their dorms to sing, dance, play and tell stories. After the riveting singing of “Jesus Loves Me” I begin to tell the story of Christmas with an invitation for their help. One problem. As I throw out the familiar characters and events I realize this story is new to them.

What’s Jesus’ mommy’s name? They answer “Noma” which confirms to me they’re indeed hearing for the first time.

So this changes everything. I remember the story with fresh eyes and begin to tell it like it’s real. I know it until I teach it to an orphaned audience just now being introduced to Jesus. Then it finally makes sense why He’s born poor, why as a baby, why to serve.

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At the end we give them His name Immanuel, God’s with you. Right here, at this facility, when you go to sleep, when you wake up, when the staff changes shifts. Immanuel, God’s with us forever.