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open eyes

29 Nov

He breaks in all around my little world. It’s His hand…every gift comes from it.
Every gift, from the trite to the glorious, from coffee to family, from the changing colors to salvation and peace.
Gifts from God.

Though life is rigorous, we don’t wait until things get better or slower or easier to joyfully live. The route to joy is thanksgiving. There are gifts all around remaining invisible until they’re seen. Whose face are they reflecting?

Let the gifts come alive!
my friends who have become family
the way Andrea never tires from dancing
how the sound of rain makes me feel
the nights when drifting to sleep is seamless
Stan and Jen’s story
my family’s natural joy and laughter
French roast coffee
morning routines
my basic texting phone
how most days I glance at the clock at 5:31 (my bday)
people who care
You’re nearness, even if unperceived
You’re zeal for defending the weak
beaches and oceans, traveling, dessert, colors and the smell of soap

I can paint a picture of You if I never see anything more. You are energy, restoration, joy, creativity, protection, fun and peace. And You enter into my world more when I recognize You’re already there.

Help us walk with open eyes.

(Book recommendation: One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp)