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Body and Blood

25 Oct

There’s an open table in the rear of the prayer room always filled with crackers and juice. I’ve found only one problem with this free-for-all style of communion.
Sometimes I take it because I’m hungry. Or bored.
Then one day I realized I’d been taking communion everyday.

At first I felt bad.

But a change accidentally has been taking place in me from repeating:

This is your body…crushed.
This is your blood…spilled.
I will proclaim your death until you come.

If communion isn’t true my whole life is a waste. It’s the heartbeat of everything I’m banking on. Holding that little cup and broken cracker and remembering the Heartbeat has progressively convinced me that this is actually what I believe with every breath, beat, and cell of me. I feel stronger inside than before I started this accidental daily alignment.

I intentionally take communion nearly everyday now and not just because I still come ill prepared with snacks to the prayer room (which I do). But while I’m waiting for those symbols to become living flesh again, I’m choosing to deliberately remember the center of it all…everyday.