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30 Sep

Disclaimer: I am an advocate for regular fasting.

Today started a 21-day fast initiated by the International House of Prayer (IHOP) leadership team. We’re voluntarily fasting to seek God’s face, the fulfillment of His promises, direction and encountering His Love.

I’m aware that I’m at risk for loosing my heavenly reward by sharing, but here goes.

The night before the fast (so…yesterday) I decided to fast fasting. I’ve done a lot of striving to push forward my spiritual growth and, when done in efforts to earn something, little pieces of my heart die. This time I want to take a different approach, so instead of fasting, I’m adding.

Some things I’m gonna do more:
drink more water (yep it’s part of my commitment)

Some things I’m gonna fast:

thinking, because I think too much
fidgeting, because I fidget too much

My goal is to be at ease in God. I want to give Him my undivided attention.

Day One: check. Well….we’re getting there.

It’s from September 29 to October 19 if you’d like to join! Maybe there’s something you’ve been wanting to fast or add. There’s never been a better time.


I Blog

28 Sep

I like communicating. I like newsletters, so concise and organized. I also think I’ll like this blog, less concise and less organized. However, I can’t find anything to say so far. I’ve dismissed every topic as me “trying too hard.”
Trying too hard…that’s the worst.
So I’ll wait until I’m inspired. But please subscribe and I’d love to give you more of a window into my brain and this great journey Jesus got me on!